No visa is necessary for travelers from the U.S. You do need a passport.

There are no required immunizations to enter Costa Rica, however, some guidebooks recommend taking malaria pills to visit Costa Rica. The risk of contracting malaria in Costa Rica is minimal. And no Costa Ricans ever take malaria pills

Decisions about immunizations and anti-malarial medications should be made on a personal basis after consultation with your personal physician.

If you take prescription medication, be sure to have enough for the entire trip or have your doctor give you a spare prescription with a note suggesting an alternative medication if your first choice isn?t available.

Things to pack

-Bathing suit.


-Good walking shoes or hiking boots.

-Flip flops or river sandals.


-At least one pairs of light long pants.

-Light weight rain jacket or poncho-Waterproof bag to hold camera.

-Long-sleeved shirts for protection from the sun.

-Waterproof insect repellent.

-Small flashlight.

-Small back pack for daily activities.

-Your own water bottle (there are refill stations at the fields).

-A pair of binoculars if you have them.

-Prescription medicines. If certain medicines are part of your daily health regimen and are vital to your health, make sure you bring an adequate supply for the duration of your trip.