Memorial Day Weekend-May 23 to 27


General Traveling Information

No visa is necessary for travelers from the U.S. You do need a passport.

There are no required immunizations to enter Costa Rica, however, some guidebooks recommend taking malaria pills to visit Costa Rica. The risk of contracting malaria in Costa Rica is minimal. My wife, kids and I have never taken any malaria medications and neither have any of my tour guide friends who travel throughout the country all the time. I have only once met a person with malaria in Costa Rica, and he got it while traveling trough the Caribbean lowlands of Nicaragua.

Decisions about immunizations and anti-malarial medications should be made on a personal basis after consultation with your personal physician.

If you take prescription medication, be sure to have enough for the entire trip or have your doctor give you a spare prescription with a note suggesting an alternative medication if your first choice isn’t available.

Arenal Volcano.

The conical Arenal is the youngest stratovolcano in Costa Rica and one of its most active. The 1657-meter volcano experiences continuous explosive eruption activity accompanied by slow lava effusion. The occasional emission of pyroclastic flows (avalanche of hot gases, rocks and ashes) occurs from vents at the summit and on the upper western flank. Its eruptions are of the strombolian type (named after the volcano Stromboli in Italy: A type of volcanic activity which produces frequent, moderate eruptions). We will hope to see one of the eruptions of this impressive volcano, which is one of the most active volcanoes in the world open for tourism. However, a cloud cover sometimes obscures it, so it’s a matter of luck if we see it or not.